If you have a question about any of the services we provide, please get in touch. We'll be happy to provide our expertise or a quote, and if we can't help, it's almost certain we will know somebody who can.
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Terms & Conditions
All payment is to be made prior to the operation taking place. Payment will be accepted on the day of the operation.
In the unlikely event that we cannot complete your required tasking, the following terms apply.
If travel has not been attempted or paid for by MJY Aerial (due to weather or other circumstances), there will be no cost and any monies will be refunded in full to the customer.
If travel to the location has been made, a charge to cover the journey and expenses may apply.
If the work is not complete as previously agreed (due to weather or other circumstances), the quoted price will be reduced according to the amount of useful data obtained by MJY Aerial.
Distances of 40 miles or more from MJY Aerial's address will incur travel charges at 45p per mile.
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